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Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation


Kerala State Poultry Development Corporation Limited [Kepco]
To produce quality layer and broiler chicks required for the state.
Intervene in retail broiler market and provide quality meat (scientifically processed) to public/consumers at affordable price.
To give technical assistance/consultancy to farmers engaged in poultry rearing.
Enriching small farmer, Landless, labour families and families below poverty line through a more holistic and self reliant approach not only in term of improvement of income, employment and nutritional status but also in terms of fostering community development, gender empowerment and protection of environment is envisaged on the larger canvass of “rural development” using poultry as a tool.
To ensure food security (self sufficiency) in Kerala by augmenting egg and meat production.
To prevent drainage from state economy and to make it more vibrant.
To creates employment opportunities through poultry rearing.
Supply of safe and quality meat protects the health of the public.
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